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APAC « Kapac Olal of Mlomp »

General characteristics

The APAC "KapacOlal de Mlomp" located between latitudes 12 ° 27 ’N and 12 ° 44’ W and longitudes16 ° 25’N and 16 ° 33 ’W was created on August 12th, 2013. It covers an area of 22 280 ha (5500 ha maritime part and 16 780 ha on land). Typically, Gley hydromorphic soils suitable for rice-growing and market gardening are present in ACPA. These rice-farming soils are harmed by the salinization, it reduces the farming capacity of the population. This issue requires urgent action to curb the phenomenon. Progressive soil salinization and land management problems are a handicap to development prospects.

Objective of the creation

Promote responsible management, sustainable and rational use of resources through community governance

Representative habitats and ecosystems

APAC is recognized for the wealth of ecosystems present as the mangrove that occupies, most often, downstream valleys; the different plant groups within multiple tropical palm oil forests (Elaeisguineensis), constituting the most abundant class with seven (7) associations: Elaeisguineensis ; Ficuscapensis ; Dialeumguineensis ;Phoenixreclinata ; Parinariexcelsa; Anthocleisto-ipometumsp ; Ficusovata

Main species

The aquatic area of APAC is divided into a sectors managed by the different villages of the community. The mostly find resources are different type of fish (Thiof, carp, Mullet, Ethmalose, Captain, Barracuda, Machoirons, manatees, sharks and others), shrimp, oysters and molluscs.

Cultural values and economic activities

Cultural beliefs do not remain stuck for communities living in ACPA. We notify essentially the sacred woods that are hardly recognizable for a stranger are reserved for initiation ceremonies of the circumcision type; sacred forests; the sacred bolong on Etébémaye which houses the fish totems; fetishes etc.... Local communities live mainly from agriculture (rice growing, palm wine harvesting), breeding, fishing, tourism.

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