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National park of madeleine islands

General characteristics
Located at about 3 km off the coasts of Dakar (Capital of Senegal), the National Park of the Madeleine Islands (PNIM) was founded in 1976. With a surface area of 45 ha, PNIM is the smallest national park in the world. Composed of two rockmasses, the Park stretches to the adjoining territorial waters comprised in a 50-m band that contours all the said islets in low tide.

Objecties of the Park’s creation
Conservation of the environment and the biological diversity (notably the Phaeton aethereus); promoting the cultural heritage; developing the environmental education and scientific research.

Representative habitats and ecosystems
Insular environment with rocky shelly beds

Main species
The site is home for a population of small and very characteristic Baobab trees. It also constutes one of the rare nesting places for the red-billed tropicbird (Phaeton aethereus) in the Atlantic Ocean.

Cultural values and economic activities
Sacred site for the Lebou community and the “Layene” Muslim community, the PINIM Park hosts a historic monument (Case Lacombe) and archeological remnants (shell mounds mixed with pottery remains). Sub marine fishing and vision tourism are the key economic activities.

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