Accueil 7th General Assembly of RAMPAO Conakry, Guinea , 20 -21 october 2017
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7th General Assembly of RAMPAO Conakry, Guinea , 20 -21 october 2017 10/10/2017

RAMPAO’s mission is to “ensure, within the West African marine ecoregion that encompasses Cape Verde, the Gambia, Guinea Bissau, Guinea, Mauritania, Senegal and Sierra Leone, the maintaining of a coherent set of critical habitats necessary for the dynamic functioning of the ecological processes essential to the regeneration of the natural resources and the conservation of biodiversity for the benefit of societies.”

RAMPAO currently consists of thirty-two (32) MPA members. The network aims to promote exchange and learning among members, to create synergies on issues of common interest, to make MPAs of the region operational and functional and to strengthen the mutual capacities in terms of advocacy

Function of the General Assembly

Since its creation in 2007 and accordind to its functionnal rules, RAMPAO organises every 18 months its General Assembly in a member country, chosen in advance by the Network’s Executive Committee. Thus, at the last meeting of the Executive Committee of RAMPAO held on 16 May 2017 in Dakar, the Republic of Guinea was designated to host the 7th General Assembly of RAMPAO, from 20 to 21 October 2017.

The General Assembly aims to brings together countries and MPAs members, Executive Committee and the Scientific Council members, as well as the technical and financial partners of RAMPAO.

It represents a time:

  • to share and analyze the actions and successes obtained by the network and its member MPAs;
  • to discuss the initiatives of technical and financial partners;
  • to debate the strategic directions that will be undertaken between; and
  • to approve the candidacies of new full and associate members.

Stakes of the 7th General Assembly

The 7th General Assembly of RAMPAO will mark its institutional and organizational reform and the the initiation of the financial sustainability of the network which will lay the foundations for RAMPAO as a regional association.

The objectives are to officially approved:

1. The internal organization option, the "membership" and the functioning of RAMPAO’s bodies, which will fundamentally rely on RAMPAO’s vision, its mission, scope of intrevention and ensure its sustainability;

2. The foundations of RAMPAO 2018-2022 Strategic Plan based on a assesment of the ecosystem and socio-economic aspects the MPA of the region which will provide the necessary elements for the development of the RAMPAO strategy during the next five years.

Structure of the General Assembly

Proceedings of the General Assembly of the RAMPAO will be held the 20 and 21 October. A preparatory meeting of the Scientific Council and then of the Executive Committee will take place before the general assembly.

The works will be structured as follows:

  • Meetings of members of the Scientific Council and the Executive Board as a prelude to the General Assembly
  • Opening ceremony
  • Presentation plenaries, technical and financial reports of the secretariat, studies carried out as part of institutional and organizational reform of the network and new applications for membership of the network;
  • Voting sessions of the main decisions by the full members of the network.

List of Guests

National Directors
Directors in charge of Marine Protected Areas, Parks and / or Environment of member countries;

Conservators of MPAs and / or Parks
Representative of MPA members of the network;

Members of the Executive Committee and the Scientific Council
Members of the Executive Committee

Members of the Scientific Council

Consultants in charge of studies on behalf of RAMPAO

Technical Partners
Organizations, projects and technical partners of the network (APPEL, CSE, CBD / PRCM project ...)

RAMPAO Secretariat

Grand Hotel of Independence (Ex Novotel), Conakry

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