Accueil Development of an Aquaculture Project at the Palmarin Reserve
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Development of an Aquaculture Project at the Palmarin Reserve 23/07/2015

To contribute to the development of aquaculture at local level, the Community Nature Reserve of Palmarin has initiated an Aquaculture Project aimed at establishing a fish and oyster farming unit composed of estuarine floating cages and garlands in the bolongs of Mboss Ndo located in the Reserve.

This project will contribute to the harmonious development of aquaculture (fish and oyster farming) through this unit that will mainly exploit the Sarotherodon melanotheron heudelotii species (Tilapia) captured in the estuaries of Sine Saloum in estuarine cages, and the Crassostrea gazar species that sticks on the mangrove roots in this area in garlands.

The first stages of the RAMPAO-funded project, from A to Z

Phase 2
The Project initially envisaged the purchase of fries for fish stocking, but due to the unavailability of these fries in the Palmarin area, stakeholders of the project eventually opted for the fishing thereof, which mobilized three boats.

Arrival of the fries; Sexing

Sexage des alevins

The captured fish were then taken to the Association of Bafio NDJAL women that have been trained by the Project experts, for sexing purposes. A separation of the male and female fish is done based on explanations of agronomist Aby THIAM, and two lots of fries were prepared for fish stocking.

Fish stocking in cages
Fish stocking was done by the women of the GIE in the two cages, one of which hosting the female fries, and the other the male fries.

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