Accueil Editorial …..Biological Diversity: Moving beyond the Slogans
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Editorial …..Biological Diversity: Moving beyond the Slogans 8/07/2017

The world, Biological diversity (May 22), environment (June 5) and oceans (June 8) days have just been successively celebrated!

This was an occasion for the international community to raise people awareness on the importance of biological diversity in our daily life.

While many experts agree that the biological diversity is more and more acknowledged as an asset with an outstanding value for the present and future generations, we have to admit that the disappearance of animal and plant species from excessive human activities, continues at an alarming rate, the economic issues that rule at the expense of the ecological concerns.

What about environment protection?

We have to admit that, even if it is still a major concern for the various actors at a national and regional level in the sense that they keep on renewing their commitment to building a cleaner and more sustainable world for the generations to come, an effort coordination is something we have not seen yet.

Our forests are dying, our oceans are emptying, and the disasters due to climate changes continue to cause casualties throughout the world and particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa.
A synthesis of scientific studies that has just been published by the Journal «Le», shows that the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) «can contribute to the mitigation of these ongoing changes».

Also, beyond the simple slogans to combat the various threats that the species and their habitats are undergoing, there is a need to take concrete action for the creation of sustainable MPAs in West Africa!

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