Accueil Registration to the PRCM Forum and call for proposals
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Registration to the PRCM Forum and call for proposals 22/05/2017

PRCM has put in place a regional platform for discussion and experience exchange on issues related to the conservation and sustainable management of coastal and marine resources, referred to as the Regional Coastal and Marine Forum. The 9th edition of this Forum will be held in Conakry, Guinea from 23rd to 27th October 2017 around the theme “Let’s invest in coastal resilience for a prosperous future in West Africa!”.

The Forum is an opportunity for various organisations and interested stakeholders to make an oral presentation during thematic workshops, organise side events or display posters throughout the meeting. Presentation proposals must be connected with one or several of the following sub-themes:

Sub–theme 1: Blue economy: what are the prospects for sustainable development and strengthened resilience of the West Africa coastline?
Sub–theme 2: Conservation of nature: an asset in the quest for and strengthening of coastal resilience in West Africa.
Sub–theme 3 : Integrated coastal management tools: paving the way to the resilience of the West Africa coastline

For more information on the Forum’s main theme,click here
For further details on the content of the sub-themes, click here
If you wish to submit a contribution or simply register to the Forum and participate in the various activities planned, please sign up online on the Forum’s website by clicking here.

How to proceed?

A unique form is proposed to register as a participant in the Forum and/or submit a contribution.
You will receive a recap email after successfully completing your registration.
Click here to access the registration of proposal submission form.

Deadlines for submission

The deadline for submission of proposals is 30th June 2017.
The deadline for registration is 30th June 2017.

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