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To support MPAs and partners in the mobilization of funding, the Network puts at your disposal a “Directory of Donors” likely to provide funding to small biodiversity conservation projects in West Africa (and notably alongside the littoral). MPAs, Civil Society Organisations and West African NGOs can identify donors (multilateral, bilateral donors or other foundations) that might be interested in funding projects.

This Directory groups a number of donors likely to grant funding to “small” nature management and preservation projects in West African countries, but also to provide support in terms of equipment or capacity-building. These donors are categorised as follows:
1) Foundations and private donors ;
2) Multilateral donors ; and
3) Bilateral donors (cooperation agencies).

The Directory is not exhaustive: some potential donors might not be included. Furthermore, some information provided here can be updated by donors themselves.

Thus, this Directory should be used as a guide likely to channel the search… without giving all the relevant information.

The bilateral and multilateral donors often have representations in the countries: it is therefore easy to retrieve clear information from the stakeholders directly concerned.

In the fund raising actions by national NGOs, two main principles must be considered: “creativeness” and “openness.” The NGO must be credible: the proposed projects must be well formulated and budgeted, with realistic activities well adapted to the specificities on the ground. Specialised NGOs having defined a plan of action or a multiannual strategy appear more credible than those having an unclear action plan and opportunistic behaviours.

An open NGO seeks funding from multiple donors and does not rely on the same partner, one year after another. The diversity of support ensures a “budget resilience” to NGOs: with many partners, it is much easier to face changes of situation of one of them.

Now you are ready to raise funding…. Wishing you courage and good luck!

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