Accueil The value of bottom-up approach from Regional MPA networks
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The value of bottom-up approach from Regional MPA networks 21/04/2017

Several regional permanent networks of MPA practitioners and partners are working to strengthen and expand MPAs: MedPAN (Mediterranean) in strong cooperation with UN Environment/MAP, CaMPAM (Wider Caribbean), RAMPAO (West Africa), NAMPAN (North America), WIOMSA (West Indian Ocean), NEAMPAN (North-East Asia), HELCOM (Baltic Sea) as well as other associated networks with projects in ecoregions such as the Mesoamerican Reef (MARFund), the Eastern Caribbean (ECMMAN), and other project-based networks in the Atlantic (Maia, EU Transatlantic MPA Network), the English Channel (PANACHE), etc.

Regional MPA networks facilitate working at local level in a global approach.

By supporting MPA management effectiveness on the ground, they also support MPAs at strategic level by influencing policies at national, regional and international level with enabling an effective bottom-up approach.

They thus help to reconcile the different agenda (local, regional, and international); they also offer a great potential to channel information and to champion the new marine conservation challenges. They provide greater chance to achieve global targets, including Aichi targets, Climate Action objectives and Sustainable Development Goals.

To do so, Regional MPA networks, taking basis on MPA managers’ local feedback, can address messages to countries, donors (GEF, EU..), UN, CBD to make sure adequate political decisions, financing tools will be taken and developed to answer MPA managers’ needs.
The knowledge café has a great potential to foster collaboration, mutualisation, and cross-fertilisation among the different regional MPA networks (MedPAN, CaMPAM, RAMPAO, NAMPAN…). The outcomes of the session could feed the high level statements of the Congress.

Methodology to guide session

The participants, made of Regional, sub-regional or national MPA networks, will exchange on the different approach they have: each network will make a short presentation of success stories and difficulties within this approach.

Then time will be dedicated for extensive debate with cross-contribution from the different networks to enrich and improve each approach. Joint mobilization and approach at larger scale among the different networks will be discussed as well.

Outcomes will be then synthesized to feed the high level statements of the Congress.

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