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Exchange, discuss, share

To enable you to exchange and share your respective experiences, but also to discuss issues of common interest, RAMPAO puts at your disposal some links that give access to our partners’ platforms.

These tools are very useful tools in finding and sharing the relevant information. Do not hesitate to use them to post/download documents.

L’accès à certaines d’entre elles peut être libre ou soumis à conditions.

Developed under a collaboration between the UNESCO Chair in integrated analysis of marine system, the University of Quebec in Rimouski, GIDEL Master of Cheikh Anta Diop University of Dakar and FIBA, this platform is aimed at grouping in a single spot the works of scholars and students concerning the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) in general, and those located in West Africa in particular. The search for documents is very easy (author name, year, part of the title, or key word…), and once the search criteria are captured, the related document can be directly downloaded.

You can send your documents (in relation with MPA management, particularly within the West African region) In PDF format to the platform administrators by contacting Jean-Claude Brêthes at

We wish you to enjoy the best of this platform of Marine Protected Areas and help run the site!

  • PRCM Platform with conditional access

To facilitate and nurture communication between its members and partners, PRCM has established this virtual platform accessible in French or English at;

The platform makes it possible to:

  • Sign up, run and create Theme Groups and colleges ;
  • Send masse messages and stage online meetings via Skype ;
  • Share and view documents in the online library and post information.

Vous aurez besoin de vous enregistrer la première fois et un message vous sera envoyé lorsque l’inscription est validée.

You will need to sign up for the first time, and a message will be sent to you upon validation of you registration. Then, the use of the site is very intuitive. In need be, contact, or read the user manual at:;

See more at :


One of the top priorities of the RAMPAO Network is to enhance capacities of the staff managing the marine protected areas (MPAs), but also those of the local stakeholders (fishermen, MPA riparian populations, etc.). Actually, in West Africa, the number of MPAs is on the rise, the aim being to meet the international undertakings, notably Aichi Target 11 . However, these MPAs are not all entirely operational, or do not have a skilled staff (trained in marine environment), which often causes a poor planning and an inefficient management of the sites. Mindful of the fact that capacity-building for site managers, and some key members of the management committees is essential all along the life of a MPA, RAMPAO conducted a study in 2013, in collaboration with its partners (PRCM, FIBA) with the view to:
  • Assessing the capacity-building needs and current priorities in terms of training in the MPAs of the network;
  • Analysing the existing capacity-building programmes and the current achievements in the area;
  • Developing a capacity-building strategy that meets the management requirements of member MPAs.
You can access the findings of this study be clicking here. With the support of MAVA, the enhancement of the network’s capacities will unfold at various levels: regional, national and local. A training cycle will be put in place, as well as a network of exchanges, a coaching system, some Task Forces grouping experts, and a peer training programme. Presently, MPA professionals can avail themselves of the following:

Documents joints