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Ecosystem restoration and pollution control

Project title


Organization: DPWM (Tanbi Wetlands National Park)

Status: En cours

Country: The Gambia

Project justification mentioning the specific MPA conservation objective that is targeted by the project

More than 70% of The Gambian population lives in Kanifing Municipality and Greater Banjul areas were the park is located. Due to high population density and unsustainable practices poses serious threats to the mangrove ecosystem and MPA as a whole. Presently illegal waste disposal and mangrove cutting within the MPA are on the rise. In addition, low understanding and awareness of the importance of the area is also hindering management progress.

Low budgetary allocation for MPAs has deterred full scale management operation to address critical issues relating to ecosystem protection and management. It is in this vein that the proposal is being prepared to assist in the maintenance of ecological processes of the MPA in order to enhance socio-economic benefits for the well being of the resource users.

Field of activity identified by the RAMPAO to which the project is attached

  • Habitat restoration
  • Communication, education and environmental awareness (acquisition of tools and
    equipment, campaigns, etc.)

Main project objective

To restore degraded mangrove areas; and raise awareness and understanding of the resource users on pollution in order to enhance ecological and socio-economic benefits