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MPA of Kassa–Balantacounda

General characteristics

Created on the 11thof April 2016, with an area of 23,300 ha, the Kassa-Balantacounda MPA is located in the region of Ziguinchor between the sea-river areas of the village of Agnack small in the West, the village of Diagnon in the East, the Casamance River in the North and the Camaracounda village in the south including the Sindonebolon, the mudflats and the palmaceous stand along the National road 6.

Objective of the creation

Contribute to the conservation of marine and coastal biodiversity in a way to help the local communities to embrace social and economic development.
Representative habitats and ecosystems
The most represented ecosystems are mangroves, forests, mudflats, bolongs.

Main species

The Kassa-Balantacounda MPA consists of mangrove, forest, grassland savannah, tannes, mudflats etc … (Land cover map being validated)

Cultural values and economic activities

Cultural values and beliefs have a strong place in that community: several sites identified, totema, customary management of natural resources, “fambondi”, “kankourang”. The local communities live mainly from fishing, rice farming, exploitation of NTFPs, breeding, oyster farming.


6 December 2017
6 December 2017
6 December 2017