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MPA of Santa Luzia, Raso and Branco wildlife Restoration and fauna follow-up

Project title

MPA of Santa Luzia, Raso and Branco wildlife Restoration and fauna follow-up

Country : Cabe Verde

Organization : MPA of Santa Luzia, Raso and Branco

Project justification mentioning the specific MPA conservation objective that is targeted by the project

The Biosfera and their partners propose to repair de damage made by the men in centuries of use for the resources in the actual Reserve. For that we will work in four different approaches:

1 – Eradicate and control the invasive species like feral cats, mice and fire ants.
2 – Recolonize Santa Luzia with the species already extinct like the
Raso lark, sea birds and the giant gecko.
3 – Continue follow up the population of sea turtles, sea birds, terrestrial reptiles and coral reefs.
4 – Promote awareness actions inside and outside Cabo Verde.
But to improve all of these actions we need the boat (with the engine) to dislocate from São Vicente Island to the Reserve.

Field of activity identified by the RAMPAO to which the project is attached

The actions this project propose lead to several priority activities identified by the RAMPAO like:

  • support for MPA management;
  • conservation and ecological monitoring;
  • Habitat restoration and,
  • Purchase of tools and technical equipment in support of MPA operations

Main project objective

Help the Cabo Verde Government achieve an effective management of the major Marine Reserve of the country beginning with the Reserve wildlife follow up and restoration