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Organisation and functioning

It convenes every 24 months on a rotating basis in one of the member countries. During this meeting, the strategic orientations are laid out and the Chairman is elected for a non-renewable period of two years. The latter ensures the functioning of the Network with the technical assistance of the Secretariat, the Scientific Council, and the Executive Committee (By-laws).

He is elected at every General Assembly, during the first plenary session for a non-renewable 2-year term by the simple majority vote of attending members. In case of delay in the holding of the General Assembly, the Chairman’s term is automatically extended until the holding thereof.

The Secretary General sees to the proper operation and the administrative and legal running of the RAMPAO Network. He drafts, or orders the writing thereof under his control, minutes of the meetings and deliberations of the Executive Committee and General Assemblies. He ensures, directly or under his supervision, the execution of prescribed formalities. The Secretariat of the Network is submitted to the administrative and financial procedures of MAVA (until such time as it secures a full and effective autonomy).

Formerly known under the name “Advisory Board,” the Executive Committee is in charge of channelling and formulating recommendations to the Secretariat as part of the implementation of General Assembly decisions and the action plan. It is in charge of monitoring the Secretariat’s work between two GA meetings.

The Executive Committee is chaired by the Network President, and is composed of six members including the Chairman, three (3) full-fledged members, one (1) MAVA representative and one (1) representative of associate members. These members elected by the General Assembly convene physically once a year and if need be, virtually at the invitation of the Chairman. The main roles of the Executive Committee are:

  • Orientation;
  • Guidance ;
  • Control of the management of the Secretariat and the Network in the implementation of GA recommendations;
  • Validation of the Secretariat’s annual work plan and budget.

Composed of six members known and renowned for their skills and experiences in the domains related to the conservation and management of natural marine and coastal resources, the Council provides scientific, technical, and legal advice in the identification of priorities of common interest, in relation with the purpose and objectives of the Network.

Scientific Council members meet physically every 24 months on the side-lines of the General Assembly. On this occasion, the Chairman is elected by his peers and the chairmanship is renewed. However, the members can hold meetings at their own initiative or upon invitation of the Secretariat by using information and telecommunication technologies.

The mandate of Scientific Council members runs for three General Assemblies. The appointment and renewal of Scientific Council members is done by the ordinary General Assembly upon proposal of the Secretariat. SC members can seek renewal of their membership at the end of their first term.


26 décembre 2014
26 décembre 2014
26 décembre 2014